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Lin, Deputy Director Education Division visits Chonan in Chiba Prefecture

Lin, Deputy Director Education Division visits Chonan in Chiba Prefecture
Deputy Director Shih-Ying Lin and Secretary Hung-Ming Wang of the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Culture Representative Office in Japan visited Chonan in Chiba Prefecture on December 29, 2013 to thank Mr. Fujimi the head of the district, Mr. Kataoka, the head of the Board of Education, and Mr Kurihara, the principal of Chonan Junior High School, for their support of a Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High School student visit to Japan for an international music and flag parade competition in August last year. They also took this opportunity to strengthen the educational exchanges and school interactions between Taiwan and Japan.

Deputy Director Lin and Secretary Wang received a very warm welcome from Mr. Kurihara (photo). Dr Lin presented a letter of thanks to his school and emphasized how very glad and appreciative Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High school felt about the assistance that the local school had given, and providing places for the visiting students to practice.

The international music and flag parade competition was a great success, and Deputy Director Lin also thanked Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High School and emphasized the great importance that Ambassador Shen of TECRO attaches to such youth exchanges. He looks forward to young people in Taiwan having more networking opportunities with Chonan. Mr. Fujimi said that such educational exchanges are a wonderful opportunity to promote youth education and he is looking forward to regular ongoing communication.

Mr. Kurihara remarked that the school has been a strong supporter of the local community's education policy to encourage interaction between Japanese and foreign schools, and that they were happy to provide school facilities to share educational resources. They were very pleased to have this interaction with the Taipei Municipal Jiangou Senior High School and are looking forward to having more exchanges with schools around the world. This allows students to develop an international perspective.

Deputy Director Lin and Mr. Kurihara exchanged views on various aspects of Taiwanese and Japanese schools including school lunches, staff mobility, and school activities. Deputy Director Lin extended an invitation to the students of the school to visit his office to learn more about Taiwan if they were having school activities in Tokyo. Mr. Kurihara welcomed this proposal and will consider it as a possible activity for the next school year.