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Internet Chinese Chess Tournament between Hamburg and Taipei Chess Clubs

Chinese Chess, or Xiangqi as it’s called in Mandarin, is an ancient game that is deeply embedded in Chinese culture. It is a fast paced and intriguing game with fans and players all over the world. There are numerous Xiangqi clubs around the world and a World Xiangqi Federation.

In 2013 the Xiangqi team at Gumbrechtstraße primary school in the German city of Hamburg approached the Educational Division with the idea of getting in contact with a Taiwanese chess club or association, and then to play a German – Taiwanese Xiangqi (Chinese chess) tournament over the internet. The Chinese Taipei Chess Association responded and the two clubs successfully set up their first contact, with the help of the Educational Division.

The 2nd Cup Heimfeld – Taipei took place on March 28, 2014. The two teams had agreed to have 4 groups of players on different levels. The team members were all students between the age of 5 and 13, and they were all very excited to being playing internationally. The online tournament via the internet worked perfectly. The players felt as if they were in the same room even though they were 9000 kilometres apart from each other.

The result of the tournament was 16:2 with the Chinese Taipei Chess Association winning, and so the cup will travel to Taipei. Students, teachers, parents and friends were all very delighted about this German – Taiwanese Xiangqi encounter and everyone has agreed to turn this into an annual event.