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Taiwan Lecture Series for Chinese Studies at Leipzig University

A Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies was opened at Leipzig University Library in November 2013. The facility is the result of a joint academic exchange and cooperation project between the National Central Library in Taiwan and the University Library of Leipzig.

The Institute of East Asian Studies at Leipzig University offers Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies on a regular basis. These are cosponsored by the National Central Library and the University Library of Leipzig.

Professor Liu Shiyung from the Institute of Taiwan History at Academia Sinica was invited to present one of these lectures. On May 16, he spoke on The Study of Taiwan History of Medicine & Digital Resources: A Case Study of the 1939 Film “Malaria”. Professor Liu presented an overview of the Taiwanese history of medicine and the challenges of using digital resources in this field of research. He focused on malaria eradication between the 1910s and 1960s in Taiwan, utilizing motion pictures, films, and photos.

Director Shen, head of the Education Division at the Taipei Representative Office, attended and gave a welcoming speech to the large audience present. Professor Liu’s lecture was very well-received by the highly interested audience and it was followed by many questions and lively discussion.