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Taiwanese Students Attend Seminars Overseas at the University of Hamburg in Germany

Eight students from National Taipei University of Education flew to Germany in early September to start an exciting new stage on their journey of learning. They had each received an Overseas Internship Program scholarship. This scholarship Ministry of Education program which began in 2007 is specially designed to assist Taiwanese students to go overseas to undertake an internship at international companies or professional institutes, and to see and experience different cultures, and some of the other ways of life in the world. These eight students major in a broad range of areas: arts & design, music, education, science education, and psychology & counselling.

The delegation arrived in Hamburg on September 9, where they were welcomed by Dr. Markus Friederici, director of the International Office of the School of Education at the University of Hamburg. The next morning, the students from Taiwan all visited the International School of Hamburg, an independent co-educational school teaching in English for children from 3 years old to senior high school. The students met the junior school principal and assistant principal and were given a tour of the school campus. In the afternoon, the delegation took part in their first seminar at the University of Hamburg. They talked about language education, physical education, and music education.

On September 11, the director of the Education Division, Ms. Weng Chin-Yin, joined the eight students to attend a seminar given by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaiser, the Professor of Mathematics Education. Her topic was “What can Eastern and Western Education learn from each other?”. The attendees all exchanged their ideas about different approaches to teacher evaluation in primary schools and secondary schools. Later that day PhD students from the Faculty of Education held a workshop with the Taiwanese students. They talked about the differences between education in Germany and in Taiwan and their own experiences.

Ms. Weng talked with Prof. Kaiser and Dr. Friederici about the new policies of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. She also invited both professors and their students to visit Taiwan. They were both very glad to receive the invitation and will explore the possibility. The Taiwanese students stayed in Germany until October.