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MOE Holds Award Ceremony for 2013 Creative Goods Design Competition

The Ministry of Education held the award ceremony for the 2013 Creative Goods Design Competition at the ministry building on May 14, 2014, with a theme of “discovering creativity.” The MOE encouraged college students to design creative goods based on the characteristics of national cultural institutions. Through this competition, The MOE wishes to intensify the exchange and cooperation among these public institutions and launch a new generation and creative industry. Hopefully, it will add the value of culture heritages, promote cultural education and polish the MIT brand.

The winners of this competition also earned the chances to bringing their design into mass production. In addition, there will be an exhibition of winning pieces all around the island after May 14. The MOE welcomes visitors to come to the exhibition and show their support and encouragement.

This year, 585 pieces were submitted to the competition. After two rounds of selection and on-line voting, 45 pieces of outstanding design were chosen. One of the top winners was a black coaster called “Mo Chi” a homonym for the Chinese word for implicit coherence to imply the communication between the designer and visitors. The piece uses the effect of Chinese ink wash painting (a traditional painting method that uses black ink) on a clear acrylic material to enrich the viewing effect and reflects the beauty of ink wash paintings.