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Taiwanese And Japanese Youth Work Hand In Hand Doing Community Service In Neiwan

Minister of Education Chiang Wei-ling and students from Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology(大華科技大學), along with the volunteers from Nagoya, Japan wearing superhero outfits and worked together to clean the old streets (laojie) in Neiwan, Hengshan township, Hsinchu county. It is the third year for the volunteers from Nagoya to visit Taiwan to perform volunteer services, mainly to show their thanks to Taiwanese for extending a helping hand to Japan and sending supplies to the 311 earthquake disaster area. The volunteers came from all walks of life in Japan, such as people in the tourism industry, teachers, and information engineers. Members were all dressed in very eye-catching Japanese superhero outfits and performed street sweeping services.

In his speech, Minister Chiang said that young people are the most active and vital group. Eyewitnessing the moment of youth volunteers contribute their time and energy to carrying out environmental cleaning services during the holiday was very touching. Minister Chiang also encouraged young students to use their leisure time and creativity do the volunteer service. He hopes that young people should a sincere desire to serve will take actions. It will show Taiwanese people’s enthusiasm and kindness to every corner of the world.

To call for more youth to dedicate themselves to volunteers services, the Ministry of Education Youth Development Administration was planning a special Youth Day activity on March 29. Sixteen county and city youth volunteer centers, universities and colleges, high schools, and the youth development administration worked together to hold youth volunteer activities. They will recruit more youth across the country to serve at social welfare organizations for environmental cleaning, condolences care, recreational activities, and tutoring. Through these activities, the Youth Development Administration hopes that young people in Taiwan will show their energy and enthusiasm and attract more young people into long-term voluntary service. For information about related activities, please contact local youth volunteer centers of the Youth Development Administration.