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Implementing Environmental Education: A Special Exhibition on “The Story of Water”

In order to enhance teachers’ knowledge of the environment and show them how to integrate environmental education into the subjects they are teaching, the National Taiwan Science Education Center, with the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE), holds a special exhibition entitled “The Story of Water: Science, Civilization, and the Future.” By utilizing the abundant resources of the National Taiwan Science Education Center, the MOE hopes the exhibition not only can entertain and educate visitors, also can serve as learning platform for teachers. The MOE expects that this special exhibition can promote the professional development of all of Taiwan’s senior high school, junior high school and elementary school teachers, as well as to strengthen the schools’ natural science curricula, in particular in the environmental education area.

The theme of this special exhibition is science, civilization and the future of the water which integrates environmental education, science education, humanities education and art education. Through various means, including multimedia interaction, specimen displays, films presentation, plays and artists’ works, the exhibition aims to raise teachers’ awareness on water issues and eventually to merge environmental education into their schools’ curricula and instruction methods.

The exhibition run from January 15th, 2013 to May 31st, 2013. The MOE sincerely invites all teachers who care about environmental education to listen to the stories that WATER can tell us, and join in an exploration journey of our water resources that is guided by a dialogue between the sciences and the humanities. You can find further information on the following website: or contact Miss Lin Jing-qi (林景琦) Tel:(02)66101234#1507 for more information.