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The Annual Meeting for Teacher Cultivation University’s Administrators: “Excellence in Education Mentoring” &“The Philosophy and Implementation in the Five Fields of Education.” Awards Ceremony

The Ministry of Education held “The Annual Meeting for Teacher Cultivation University’s Administrators” for two days in The National Dong Hwa University. While commemorating the achieved faculties and schools alike with the “Excellence in Education Mentoring” awards, the meeting also honored the recipients of teaching materials and methods for “The Philosophy and Implementation in the Five Fields of Education” design competition.

“The Philosophy and Implementation in the Five Fields of Education” award was first issued from the Ministry of Education back in 2010, wishing to carry out the purpose of the first amendment under the Compulsory Education Law of Taiwan : “Education for citizens of Taiwan strives to cultivate positive moral virtues, intelligence, healthy physics, teamwork, and arts development within students as its goal.”

Since 2006 the Ministry of Education has been awarding the Excellence in Practical Training Mentoring Award, implemented in the hopes that through the method of selection to create a concrete triangular relationship between practical training instructors, practical training advisors and students, in order to encourage each sector to conduct practical training classes with a positive attitude, and to promote and ore solid working relationship between a student-teacher’s enrolled-university and teaching-campus respectively. An impressive amount of forty-one awards were rewarded during this year’s ceremony, a hard-earned effort achieved through seven years of hard works by all three parties alike.

Topics discussed during the meeting are “The Execution of 12-year National Basic Education by Secondary Teachers,” “The Innovative Methods in Teacher Cultivation Intelligence,” which opted to harvest quality faculties for schools all around Taiwan by constructing hand-in-hand with teacher-education universities, the blue-print of programs to produce idealistic teachers for the next generation of Taiwan.

Over two hundred members were invited to the meeting, with renowned participants from teacher cultivation universities. Deputy Minister Chen, I-hsing of the Ministry of Education personally honored the recipients of “Excellence in Practical Training Mentoring” and “The Philosophy and Implementation in the Five Fields of Education” awards, in hopes of establishing an enduring foundation for teacher cultivation through the sharing of experiences from the recipients.

The Department of Secondary Education also shared their experiences during their overseas visits to the secondary schools of Japan, hoping to bring a new perspective towards the issues of “Phases of Education for Student-Teachers: How to Cultivate Qualified Teachers Essential for the Establishment of Twelve-Year Basic Education,” as-well-as “Development of Professional Teachers Relative to Twelve-Year Basic Education” through viewpoint of a developed country, hoping that the valuable lessons can aid to refine The Twelve-Year National Basic Education policy to create the perfect educational environment for the next generation.