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Universities enhance their social responsibility for disadvantage social economical status students

In order to diminish the disadvantages embedded in students from low SES (social economic status), National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Sun Yat-Sen University and Providence University execute their own special recruitment projects in 2013 academic year. The objective of such projects aim to increase the diversity of student composition and it is expected to the social mobility through higher education.

The diversity of student composition and the social responsibility of university are core values elite American universities would take into consideration seriously when recruiting students. It is pointed out by Dr. Chen, the Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education.

Instead of overemphasizing on any single category, the overall characteristics of students would be reviewed comprehensively. This policy could avoid higher percentage of homogenous composition of students. For example, with the same level of academic performance, the admission decision would favor those students with relatively disadvantaged economic and social status. The Ministry of Education appreciate those domestic Universities initiative to tackle with this issue and the Ministry expects to work with them to design ways to assist those disadvantaged minority students.

Project Summary
1.National Tsing Hua University “Sunrise Project”
Each department within the National Tsing Hua University has provided one freshman admission for students from low SES family for many years, there are 29 students on that category in 2013 academic year. Even more, through the so-called “Sunrise Project”, Tsing Hua provides additional 8 admissions from non-departmental recruitment. The characteristics of candidates would be reviewed through documents review and personal interview. This practice is designed to understand their progress of development and learning motivation when living in a relatively unfavorable environment.

2.Providence University “Quasi-Stars Project”
“Quasi-Stars Project” is designed to simplify the procedure of application. Once the grade of students belong to the upper 50% of group in their schools, they can submit their application without preparing documents. There are 227 admitted students under this project.

3.National Sun Yat-Sen University “South Stars Project”
“Stars project” is a national freshman recruitment plan for disadvantaged students initiated by “Aim for the Top University Project”. Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU),located in the Southern Taiwan, initiates “South Stars Project”. It is designed to assist the students living in poor education area of southern Taiwan or from low SES status family. On those double stars projects executed by the NSYSU , once students’ examination score pass the threshold, the students from low SES, would become the main criteria for admission decision; in particular, for those students, who are from low-income families or one of their parents is from developing countries, would have even higher privilege for admission. Sun Yat-Sen University provides 207 quota in the “Stars project” and “South Stars Project”.

4.National Chiao Tung University
National Chiao Tung University(NCTU), one of the best universities in Taiwan, has provided 14.14% (around 185 students) for SES in her Star Project. In order to enlarge the social diversity base on campus, NCTU plans to take middle-and-low income family background into consideration when recruiting students in the upcoming 2014 academic year.