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Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship Agreement Renewed

Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship Agreement Renewed
The Political Deputy Minister of Education in Taiwan, Dr Lucia S. Lin, joined a study tour of the UK in May along with the final group of teachers undertaking a study visit as part of receiving an Excellence Award this year. The award celebrates outstanding teachers and head-teachers in Taiwan by providing a study visit to education institutions and organisations overseas to groups of selected teaching professionals.

All the meetings were organised by the British Council in accordance with the teachers’ specific interests and teaching expertise. The group first attended initial briefings on the English education system and school inspection protocols, and then visited two arts-oriented schools in the London area.

While in the UK, Dr Lin visited the University of Cambridge on Friday 22 May, to witness the signing of a renewal of the agreement that makes available the Taiwan Cambridge Scholarships. The Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship program was originally established in 2011 and provides funding for successful Taiwanese applicants who are undertaking a PhD programme at the University of Cambridge.

The new Memorandum of Understanding, covering the five-year period from 2016-2021, was signed on behalf of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan by Mr Yen-Heng Ouyang, Director of the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, and by Mrs Helen Pennant, Director of the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust.

In attendance were Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, other senior university representatives involved in International Strategy, members of the Cambridge Trust who had prepared the renewal agreement document and organised the signing ceremony, and Education Division colleagues responsible for accompanying Dr. Lin throughout her visit to the UK. Fifteen Taiwanese scholars who are currently studying at the University of Cambridge who were awarded a Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship also attended at the signing ceremony.

Earlier in the day, Dr Lin enjoyed a productive and informative meeting with Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, who explained in great detail the workings, advantages and challenges of a collegiate university system. Dr Lin and Professor Borysiewicz also exchanged information and ideas about innovation in higher education from an international perspective.

Photo: The Political Deputy Minister of Education in Taiwan, Dr Lucia S. Lin attending the signing ceremony along with representatives of the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Trust, the Education Division, and a group of Taiwanese scholarship students.