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INK REMIX – an Exhibition of Contemporary art from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Opens in Australia

INK REMIX: an exhibition of contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong opened to the public at Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) on July 1. This is the first exhibition in Australia that focuses on contemporary ink art

Dr Benjamin Penny, director of the Australian Centre on China in The World at the Australian National University delivered the opening address, pointing out how it highlights new and innovative aspects of contemporary ink art in the region. Among the distinguished people in attendance were Joy Burch, Minister for the Arts in the Australian Capital Territory; Shane Breynard, the CMAG director; Dr Sophie McIntyre, the curator of the exhibition; was and Dr David Lee, Representative and Andy Bi from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia, the Representative atTECO and the director of the Education Division respectively.

INK REMIX features more than 35 works of art produced by14 artists from the region using a diverse range of media. The artists from Taiwan were: Yao Jui-chung, Pan Hsin-hua, Peng Hung-chih, and Tsai Charwei. Their works explore themes relating to history, and the effects of modernization, urbanization, and globalization on Taiwan’s unique environment and culture, and on conceptions of identity and Taiwan’s place in the world.

These Taiwanese artists recieved generous support from the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan to travel to Australia to engage with art and educational communities there. Peng Hung-chih was one of the artists invited to discuss his work as part of the exhibition.

This exhibition has a strong educational component and CMAG designed an education kit for use both at the exhibition and suitable for use in classrooms as it uses the Australian curriculum framework. It focuses on Asian capability, and visual arts concepts and techniques, and includes images of selected works of art and engaging activities.

The exhibition will run at CMAG until October 18 and will then go on tour to the Bendigo Art Gallery, University of NSW Galleries in Sydney, and the Museum of Brisbane.