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Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Bangkok Attracted Many Thai Students

Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Bangkok Attracted Many Thai Students
The Taiwan Education Center in Thailand organized the Taiwan Higher Education Fair at Bangkok University on July 29, 2015 with the assistance of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, the organizing university in Taiwan for this event. Thirty universities in Taiwan took part in and set up booths to provide information about their university to attract young Thai students to consider studying in Taiwan. For many years, this Fair has been providing a great opportunity for students and their parents to learn about Taiwan’s major strides to improve higher education and about the many choices students have if they choose to study in Taiwan.

Thailand and Taiwan enjoy very close bilateral trade relations. Taiwan was Thailand’s 3rd largest source of foreign direct investment up to 2013 and its 12th largest trading partner in 2013. This will provide great career opportunities for students in both countries who study in the other country, becoming familiar with each other’s language and culture. And indeed, the number of students from Thailand going to Taiwan each year to study is continuing to rise. There has been a 10-fold increase in a little over a decade. There were 1,557 students from Thailand in Taiwan in 2014; and 741 of these students, approximately half, went to begin a full academic degree. And the number of students from Taiwan going to Thailand for further education has also been increasing, growing from 95 in 2009 to 200 this year. These figures are strong evidence that the educational relationship between Taiwan and Thailand is being given proper care and attention.

The quality of Taiwan’s higher education has received international affirmation. In 2015, the Times Higher Education supplement ranked 11 universities in Taiwan among the 100 best universities in Asia. This explains why so many students from Southeast Asian countries consider Taiwan as their first choice for foreign study. The number of foreign students studying in Taiwan has risen over the years, now reaching 92,685 students.

Many Thai students who are considering studying in Taiwan for a degree came to this year’s Taiwan Higher Education Fair to search for the right university there. Regardless of the different recruiting strategies of each university, together they all echoed one resounding message: “Come and study in Taiwan!”

Prof. Tai Chang-Hsien, the president of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, made welcome remarks at the opening ceremony, and mentioned some of the many attractive features Taiwan’s higher education has to offer. A practical reason to study in Taiwan is the very affordable cost. A year of quality higher education in Taiwan costs just 100,000 Baht. Thai students who find a suitable university in Taiwan and take the big step to go overseas to study will find themselves immersed in Taiwan’s rich and friendly culture and receive a world class education at an affordable price.

We hope even more good Thai students will come to wonderful Taiwan to learn more and benefit from our state-of-the-art education and interacting with our friendly people.

Photo: Representative Kelly W. Hsieh, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Thailand and Prof. Tai Chang-Hsien, president of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology with Thai students at the Fair, keen to get information about studying in Taiwan