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Taiwan’s Youth Ambassadors visit Paraguay

A delegation of 17 International Youth Ambassadors from Taiwan, ROC visited Asuncion in Paraguay from September 9 to September 14, as part of a cultural exchange program designed to expand the horizons of Taiwan youth and to increase the world's understanding of Taiwan. The delegation of 17 university students from different institutions of higher learning in Taiwan also included two Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives, and a university professor.

The youth-oriented Youth Ambassador public diplomacy program was initiated by ROC President Ma Ying-Jeou in 2009. This year, ten Youth Ambassador teams were sent to visit 41 cities in 35 countries in the Asia-Pacific, African, European, North American, Latin American, and Caribbean regions.

During their five days in Paraguay, the Youth Ambassadors made official visits to the National Congress, and to the National Youth Secretariat. They also called on the Diplomatic and Consular Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and visited the National University of Asuncion.

The Youth Ambassadors also gave performances as part of their cultural exchange role, particularly featuring traditional and folk culture, music, and dance. “New Taiwan Energetic” has twelve separate acts that focus on six different aspects of Taiwan: its natural environment, sustainable lifestyles, Taiwan’s cultural heritage, Taiwanese cuisine, Taiwan’s cultural creativity, and the warmth of Taiwan’s people.

The Youth Ambassadors gave their audiences a panoramic overview of Taiwan, in their performances at the Central Bank of Paraguay in Asuncion, and at the Immaculate Conception School in Ciudad del Este. They energetically conveyed the authenticity, goodness, and beauty of their country to Taiwan’s Paraguayan friends.