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NTU president confers admission NTU letters to 26 Malaysian students at the NTU Alumni Association in Malaysia anniversary dinner

Professor Yang Pan-Chyr, president of National Taiwan University (NTU), personally presented an admission letter to 26 Malaysian students, while attending the anniversary dinner of the Alumni Association of National Taiwan University in Malaysia (AANTU).

Taiwan has been one of the major destinations for Malaysian students wanting to undertake further tertiary studies, especially thousands of graduates from 60 private Chinese High School who have a United Examination Certificate (UEC).

According to Farina Hartato, president of the Alumni Association of NTU Malaysia, 67 Malaysian students had applied for admission to NTU. Of these, 28 had received an admission letter from NTU and 26 of them had then gone on and completed the registration procedure.

Professor Yang Pan-Chyr said that NTU had granted scholarships worth a total of NTD 300,000 to five Malaysian students, and another five Malaysian students will receive financial aid from AANTU.