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Sonny Hsiao, a young Taiwanese biotechnology company CEO, encourages students to study abroad

The Ministry of Education has been holding a series of discussion sessions where successful Taiwanese scholars and experts with overseas studying and working experience can share their stories with Taiwanese young people to promote young people’s global mobility and encourage students to study abroad. Dr. Sonny Hsiao was recommended by the Education Division of TECO in San Francisco and was invited to speak on his experience at National Taiwan University on December 25, 2015. This event attracted more than 150 attendees from all over Taiwan.

Dr. Hsiao is a young CEO, aged 33, who received his PhD in chemistry from UC Berkeley in 2011. He co-founded Adheren Inc., with Professor Matthew B. Francis in 2010. This is a biotechnology company with a focus on cancer immunotherapy. The company’s advanced anti-cancer cell therapy has resulted in it recently receiving an investment of USD$30 million.

Dr. Hsiao first gave a presentation on how he decided to study abroad and co-founded a company. This was followed by a lively Q &A where many participants raised different kinds of questions. Most were concerned about the expenses and career opportunities, Dr. Hsiao suggested that students should think thoroughly about their own personalities, desired career, and career plans when considering overseas studies. He encouraged those who then decided to study abroad to be brave and persistent. He mentioned the special importance of finding good partners and mentors who could provide guidance and support to get over difficulties; this is as important as a person’s personal academic performance.

The participants were deeply impressed and thought the event was very informative for their future study plans.