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Taiwan launches TOCFL introduction video and free mock tests

The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) is Taiwan’s Chinese language proficiency test for learners of Chinese. TOCFL is available for learners of Chinese in Australia, and countries and regions all around the world.

TOCFL is a language proficiency test now widely recognized in the corporate and government sectors. Doing a TOCFL certificate is essential for students applying for scholarships and many degree programs in Taiwan, and it can be very useful for securing employment in Taiwan.

The benefits of having a TOCFL certificate include:
•Meeting a Taiwan Scholarship eligibility requirement.
•Meeting Chinese proficiency requirements when applying for some academic programs at colleges and universities in Taiwan.
•Having evidence of formal Chinese study for the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.
•Having evidence of Chinese language proficiency for employment purposes.

The Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP) recently released a TOCFL information video and face book page to engage more with people learning Chinese. A very welcome and popular feature is the free online sample tests available.

Details about the TOCFL video and its FB link are available at and the TOCFL Online Mock Test Free Download at

TOCFL will be held at selected venues around Australia in September in 2016. When the registration opens, it will be announced on the TOCFL page of the Education Division of TECO in Australia: