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Promoting Study in Taiwan at Universities in the UK

The Taipei Representative Office in the UK has been busily promoting the wide range of Study in Taiwan programs available.

During a two-hour evening presentation at SOAS at the University of London on January 28th, 2016, speakers took turns to introduce the various forms of financial assistance available to those considering studying, doing research, traveling, or working in Taiwan.

The presentation evening was hosted by the Deputy Director of the Centre of Taiwan Studies at SOAS, Dr Chang Bi-Yu. Mr Ouyang Yen-Heng, the Director of the Education Division, spoke first, and outlined the many reasons why Taiwan is an ideal destination for learning Mandarin and pursuing further study or research. He provided details of the Huayu Enrichment Scholarships and the Taiwan Scholarship and application procedures, and hand-outs to take home.

Ms Chen Ya-hui, the Deputy Director of the Administration Division then gave an overview of the MOFA Taiwan Fellowship programme. Ms Chen was followed by Mr Alex Huang, the Deputy Director of the Public Affairs Division, who talked about the many positive features of the Youth Mobility Scheme.

A few days later, on February 2, 2016, Mr Ouyang and Ms Suzen Tseng, the Assistant Director of the Education Division, gave a presentation to students at the University of Nottingham about the opportunities available to students in the UK in Taiwan. Ms Tseng told them about the MOE’s scholarship programmes and answered questions from the participating students.

Then on February 9, Mr Ouyang attended a Taiwan Day held at the University of Leeds for the second year running. It was organised by the Taiwanese Society there and showcased many aspects of Taiwanese culture, and included an exhibition booth promoting Study in Taiwan.

These three promotion sessions were all well-attended and encouraged more students in the UK to consider undertaking further studies in Taiwan.