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Kinmen Government sends a Student Delegation to Onomichi City, July 5 - 8.

The Kinmen County government has been working since last year to send a group of Kinmen County primary school students to an overseas country to experience foreign culture and build up their global vision. With the help of the Ministry of Education, they communicated with city officials of Onomichi a city in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, and as a result, a delegation of 225 people (25 teachers, and 200 students) travelled to visit Onomichi in early July.

Onomichi is famous for its beautiful scenery and traditional culture. The city mayor Hiratani Yuko received personally the delegation which was led by the Kinmen County director of education Mr. Li Wen-Liang. The 200 students were divided into 20 class groups and went to 20 different primary schools in Onomichi to experience Japanese culture and education from July 5 to July 7. This was followed by a visit to cultural facilities on July 8.

The Onomichi City Education Committee held a grand welcome party, at which the Kinmen County students and local Onomichi students gave performances of their own songs and dances. Interactions like this are really helpful for enhancing mutual friendship and exchanges of culture and education between Japan and Taiwan.

On July 5, Mr. Li and four other personnel discussed details of similar exchange trips in the future with Mr. Saito, the director of the Onomichi City Education Committee, and then visited Mr. Hiratani, the Onomichi city mayor, to thank him for the friendly reception. That evening, the mayor then hosted a dinner party for all the staff and the Kinmen County delegation. This was an excellent end to the first visit of a delegation of teachers and students from Kinmen County to Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture. Everyone agreed that the visit was very successful and brought about more understanding and appreciation of the culture of each other’s country.