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Taiwan Research Center Hankuk University of Foreign Studies holds “Colorful Taiwan” lecture series

The Taiwan Research Center in the Department of Chinese Language at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies held its first ever series of public lectures this year to introduce Taiwanese culture to Koreans and thereby help to enhance mutual understanding between the two countries.
The public lecture series, called Colorful Taiwan (花漾台灣), was organized by Prof. Khan Jun Yong and Prof. Prof. Lim Daegeun Great R. Woods with the assistance of their research team at the Taiwan Research Center, and held from May 15 to June 29. The lectures were on the following six topics: (1)The way to understand modern Taiwan, (2) From Formosa to Taiwan: A brief history of Taiwan, from when it was \ called Formosa to the present day, (3) The social and cultural phenomena in modern Taiwan's history, (4) The Relationship of gender and politics on feminine literature in Taiwan, (5) The sorrow and joy in Taiwan's movies, and (6) Come take the path to the Beautiful Island (this is the meaning of “Formosa”, Taiwan’s former name).
The lecturers were all from renowned universities near Seoul: Prof. Khan Jun Yong (康峻榮), and Prof. Lim Daegeun (林大根) from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; Prof. Lu Hon Jun (盧鴻金); Prof. Kim Sung Jin (金順珍) from Hanshin university (韓信大學); Prof. Cho Kwan-hee (趙寬熙) from Sang Myung University (祥明大學); and Prof. Min Chun Ki (閔正基) from Inha university (仁荷大學).
Mr. Jiunn J. Chang (張俊均), the Director of the Educational Division at the Taipei Mission in Korea, attended a meeting to review the lecture series on July 10, and he expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the members of the Taiwan Research Center and the lecturers on behalf of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. He thanked them for their outstanding work introducing Taiwan’s culture and complex history in an easy and enjoyable way, and he expressed his admiration of the lecturers for their rich knowledge of Taiwan.
This is the first time such a lecture series has been held and the response was very positive. Prof. Lim Daegeun said: “We are truly encouraged and plan to hold similar lectures series in the future.”