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The MOE “Overseas Schools Educational Internships” Webpage Links

The MOE has set up a new Overseas Schools Educational Internships webpage ( on its Educational Internship Information (EII) website to serve as a bridge between overseas schools and students seeking internships. Overseas schools can update all the online information about the internship opportunities they offer, while students and universities that offer teacher training programs can find comprehensive information about overseas schools that offer educational internships.
The Overseas Schools Teaching Internships webpage offers several useful services to assist overseas schools and students interested in doing an internship overseas. Overseas schools can fill out the “Institutions’ willingness to provide educational internships questionnaire” on the EII website before the end of October each year, for the MOE to review and evaluate. The website lists overseas schools that are willing to recruit students seeking an internship. Overseas schools can also post details of teaching job vacancies, as well as living conditions, salaries, and teacher benefits. This is very convenient for people willing to teach abroad, making it easy for them to obtain information that will help them make their decisions and choices.