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UC Berkeley students express gratitude to MOE for Mandarin learning support

UC Berkeley students express gratitude to MOE for Mandarin learning support
A group of six UC Berkeley students and leading teacher Li I-Hao met with Director General Joseph Ma of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco on October 27th to express their gratitude for the generous financial support from the Taiwan Ministry of Education. A Business Chinese intensive course was offered by Fu-Jen University in collaboration with UC Berkeley from July 4th to August 12th in Taipei City, a Chinese language course, which mainly focused on communication skills for daily life and business interactions. It also included Taiwan–related topic seminars, cultural activities, and field trips. The six-week course was attended by 21 students who had received a Ministry of Education stipend.

The six students visiting the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office were keen to share their exciting and enriching “once-in-a-lifetime” learning experience in fluent Mandarin. One student has decided to transfer her major to East Asian literature after the study trip in Taiwan. Another student is now planning to apply for a Taiwan Scholarship next year, as a first step toward his doctoral studies. All the students expressed a strong willingness to promote this valuable opportunity among others students.

The UC Berkeley Study in Taiwan program, now in its 16th year, has successfully strengthened cooperation between universities in Taiwan and this world-class university in the United States, and it has also brought Taiwan’s outstanding Chinese language instruction to other countries.