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Joint End-of-Year Presentations by Students of Chinese Courses in Paraguay

There are currently eleven institutions in Paraguay that offer Mandarin courses: the Diplomatic Academy; the Language Center of the Ministry of Defense; the Language Center of the Armed Forces Command; the Military Academy; the Vocational Training Center of the National Republican Association – Colorado Party; the National University of Asuncion; the Catholic University; UNIDA University; the National Service of Professional Promotion; the American School of Asuncion; and Chiang Kai Shek School. Three teachers, Lin I-Hua, Emilia Tiao, and Cecilia Lin, have been sponsored by the Republic of China (Taiwan) through the Ministry of Education and the International Cooperation and Development Fund, to teach Chinese as a foreign language in Paraguay.

On November 19, 2016 all the institutions offering Chinese Mandarin courses jointly presented an end of year program at the auditorium of the American School of Asuncion.

This cheerful event was presided by Mr. Alexander Yui, the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Republic of Paraguay, and attended by authorities from different local institutions, students, and their parents.

The students gave presentations including speech, recitations, videos, songs and theatrical performances in Mandarin, demonstrating what they have learned this year.

Ambassador Yui warmly congratulated the students and pointed out that learning Chinese is a very important tool for their professional future.