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The Ministry of Education & University Heidelberg Co-fund a Magical Flute Concert


The “Zauberflöten in Ost und West” [The Magic Flute - in the East and the West] concert at the Institute of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University on February 16, 2018 was a delightful activity reflecting the long-term cooperation between Taiwan and Germany in both the research and cultural spheres.

This special concert was presented as part of the Taiwan lesen, Taiwan leben, Taiwan verstehen project [Read Taiwan, Live Taiwan, Understand Taiwan] at the Institute of Chinese Studies, funded by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. It was also the second in the Taiwan trifft Tango [Tango meets Taiwan] series of musical encounters which started four years ago when Trio Piazzolla, an ensemble of Taiwanese and German musicians, and the Chin Yuan Chinese Orchestra (琴園國樂團) from Taiwan began working together. They created a new exchange experience through performances in Taiwan and Germany, a wonderful realization of “Read Taiwan, Live Taiwan, Understand Taiwan”.   

More than 200 people, a full house, attended the concert and witnessed this brilliant, joyful, very successful transcultural event.