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College Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students of 108 Academic Year Starts Today


The College Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students for the 108 Academic Year starts from today (22nd March) to 25th March in 6 universities over northern, middle and southern Taiwan. This year, the total number of enrollment is 3,142 students. The National Taipei University of Education is the newly added northern test district this year in order to provide a more convenient test environment for cerebral palsy candidates and "music", and "art" skill test candidates.

The College Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students from 22nd to 25th March takes place in Tamkang University, National Taiwan Normal University, Chihlee University of Technology, National Taipei University of Education, National Changhua University of Education and National Kaohsiung Normal University. This year, the total number enrolled in the exam is 3,142, an increase of 4 people in comparison to last year. Among the enrollment, the first, second, third, and fourth examination districts of northern Taiwan have 717, 557, 541 and 49 students respectively; in the middle and southern districts, there are 648 and 630 students attending the exam. In addition, there are 162 students in the "Art" skill test, including 116 in the fourth northern examination district, 14 in the middle examination district, and 32 in the southern examination district. Lastly there are 13 students in the "Music" skill test.

In order to make students feel at ease during examinations and to satisfy additional needs, specific assistive devices and services have been added to every examination room in addition to the original regulated services.

The exam transcript will be sent on 22nd April. The candidates can fill out the application sheet online from 2nd May to 8th May. The results will be announced on 16th May. For more important information about the exam, please refer to the website of the "108 Academic Year Admissions for Students of Physical and Mental Disorders". (