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TOCFL held in London for Seventh Consecutive Year


TOCFL, the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language, the language proficiency test developed in Taiwan, was recently offered to Mandarin learners in the United Kingdom for the seventh year in a row. The tests at Band A, Band B and Band C levels were organized by the Education Division and they were all held at the Taipei Representative Office in the UK in central London on Wednesday February 6.  
People in the UK planning to apply for a Taiwan Scholarship to undertake a degree in Taiwan are always strongly encouraged to take advantage of such an opportunity to sit the test. If the degree program that they are applying for is fully or partially taught in Chinese, it is mandatory for them to include a TOCFL certificate at Band B or higher as part of their Taiwan Scholarship application. And a valid TOCFL certificate is an entry requirement for some degree programs at universities in Taiwan.
TOCFL also provides people who are applying for a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship who do not hold any formal Mandarin qualifications with a way to strengthen their application because it facilitates assessment of their current language skills and their potential for improvement. 
The TOCFL Steering Committee in Taiwan will release the results before the end of March, to correspond with scholarship application deadlines. So having the opportunity to sit TOCFL at this time of year benefits students in the UK with an interest in studying in Taiwan.
And some Mandarin learners choose to sit TOCFL on an annual basis in order to track their language learning progress.