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Prevention of Drugs from Entering Schools: The Ministry of Education proposes a strategy to track down the root causes of drugs


On March 28th, the Premier of the Executive Yuan Su Tseng-Chang held an interdepartmental anti-drug project meeting. Regarding the drug prevention work in schools, he indicated that “We should find the drug resources through the related competent authorities, and consign these to legal drug enforcement authorities to investigate.” To carry out the indications of the Premier, MOE especially proposed and planned an advanced strategy to track down the root causes of drugs in schools. MOE expects to achieve the following two goals: enhancing schools’ responsibilities on drug prevention, and lowering the level of drug availability to students, by building the Interdepartmental Drug Enforcement Information Examination Platform (IDEIEP) and adhering to various strategies including, the inspection of students’ drug suppliers and drug dealers respectively, the implementation of supervision and examination of targeted schools, and the measures of targeted students’ guidance and counseling.

The Minister of MOE Pan, Wen-Chung said that firstly, to solve drug problems in schools, the attitude of related school members is important. Secondly, we should give rewards to schools which help in this matter such as conducting inspections, filing reports, guiding students or providing information about drug suppliers. Lastly, in contrast, to schools or members who passively manage related issues, MOE will implement the supervision and examination through administrative mechanisms.