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Ministry of Education Press Conference of International Day of Families 15 May 2019 Being together, Caring together


In response to the International Day of Families on 15th May, and to arouse the importance of families in people’s mind, the Ministry of Education is holding a press conference on 13th May 2019 at Li’s Old Mansion located in the Lujhou District in New Taipei City. The MOE and Family Education Centers in all cities and counties are promoting the core spirit of “Being together, Caring together” in order to improve the relationships and affection between family members. The goal of this press conference is “Being together – Fortify family relationships together.” Positive use of digital and technical tools helps to improve family relationships and empathy. Continuing the policy of “Good Use of 3C (Computers, Communication, and Consumer Electronics) and Happy 3T (Reading together, Playing together, Running together)”, the MOE encourages these ideas, so as to boost family interaction and to gel coherence within the family.

At the press conference, the MOE is announcing that the “Caring together photograph selection” activity will be kicked off on 1st June. We encourage people to make good use of the convenience and speed of digital technology, in order to improve, connect, and build family relationships. Furthermore, through this activity, the core concept of “Being together, Caring together” is conveyed.