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Taiwan-Germany University of Science and Technology Alliance Encourages Exchange and Communication between Teachers and Students 72 Teachers and Students Went to Germany to Research and Study


The Taiwan-Germany University of Science and Technology Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "TAItech- HAWtech Alliance") is composed of 6 universities and colleges in Taiwan and 6 universities and colleges in Germany, with a total of 12 universities. It aims to cooperate on five themes, including Student Exchange, Corporate Internship, Laboratory Cooperation, Summer School and Short-term Study. The cooperation began with Student Exchange, Summer School and Short-term Study in 2019.

In 2019, a total of 72 teachers and students of Taiwan participated in the above activities, including 41 students going to Germany as exchange students for one semester, 15 students participated in summer school, and 16 teachers and students went to Germany for short-term research and study in the autumn. In addition, 12 students of Germany also came to Taiwan for a semester student exchange in the field of engineering and management. Mr. Zhong, a student who went to Germany for training, indicated that the features of German education could be experienced through the assistance of the TAItech- HAWtech Alliance. These features included having student-centered learning in the classroom, they were encouraged to think and solve problems while emphasizing practicality and operation, and they implemented knowledge into daily life, which all correspond to the Problem-Based Learning approach that our nation is promoting.

Wen-Yuan Chen, the chairman of TAItech Alliance and the president of National Chin-Yi University of Technology, indicated that the alliance universities and colleges in our nation will focus on discussing the exchange and the cooperation with Germany in March, 2020 and they will all participate in the second HAWtech-TAItech Roundtable Agenda organized by Germany in June, 2020. In addition to deepening and refining the cooperation content of the original agreement, it is expected that there will be more cooperation and development in technological and vocational education between our nation and Germany.

Through the TAItech-HAWtech Alliance, teachers and students go to Germany for short-term exchange and communication and to experience German-style teaching in person. Guided by edification and collaborative participation, this different teaching style trains students’ thoughts and helps them to express their own opinion fearlessly. At the same time, this different teaching style emphasizes exploration and mastery of knowledge and skills in practical courses, and through benign interactive discussions, students will not only enhance their critical thinking, but also have the opportunity to develop themselves through their own learning process, thus increasing their own learning initiatives, setting their own learning goals and directions, and making greater achievements in their own future careers.