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Students and Teachers Invited to Participate in the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science


The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) set up the Japan-Asian Youth Exchange Program in Science. This organizes the Sakura Science High School Program to promote international interaction between outstanding senior secondary students from different countries in Asia who share a great interest in and aptitude for science and technology.

Taiwan, Mongolia, Singapore, and Thailand have been invited to send students to participate in this year's Sakura program, from June 7 to June 13, and JST will cover the participants' airfare, accommodation, food, local transportation, and travel insurance expenses. During the one-week program, students will visit leading universities and research institutions, attend lectures on advanced science and technology, and have hands-on experience with cutting-edge science and technology. They will also have many opportunities to interact with the students from other countries and Japanese students, and to enjoy Japan's culture.

The Ministry of Education has commissioned National Taiwan Normal University to select thirty senior high school students and five teachers to accompany them to represent Taiwan in this year's Sakura program. The K-12 Education Administration encourages students and teachers who are interested in participating to apply online at the websites below. Students must be at least 15 years old and have a strong ability to communicate in English. Students who have participated in an Olympiad, or a national Olympiad selection camp, or have received one of the first three awards in the Senior Secondary Division of the National Primary and High School Science Fair, or the Taiwan International Science Fair are eligible to apply.

The participating teachers must be 40 or younger and must also have an excellent ability to communicate in English. Teachers who can also communicate in Japanese and who have experience supervising students taking part in science Olympiads, exhibitions, and similar activities are encouraged to apply.

The Ministry of Education K-12 Education Administration encourages eligible students and teachers to apply online at the websites below. Applications close February 15, 2020.

Students apply here:

Teachers apply here: