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Taipei Excellent Teachers Delegation visits Jenaplan- Schule in Germany to learn about alternative educational practices

Date: 107-04-26


On April 12, 2018, Dr. Yang Yi-Chyang, principal of Taipei Municipal Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, led a delegation of 40 outstanding teachers from Taiwan who had been named as Taipei Excellent Teachers on a study visit to the Jenaplan school in Jena in Germany to observe and experience its interactive educational practices. These were first conceptualized in the 1920s by Peter Petersen, a German educational reformer and founder of the Jenaplan schools.

The delegation was received warmly by the teachers and students there. The principal of the Jenaplan-Schule Mr. Franz Ahrens gave a briefing to the curious and engaged visitors about the school’s organization, structure and educational concepts. A feature of their visit was to personally inspect the school and its organization in action. They walked around the school yards, observed some classes being taught, and enjoyed spontaneous and fun communications with the students as well. They took a lot of photos and videos, both as memory aids and to inspire their own teaching.

After their inspection of the campus and communication with some students, the 40 Taiwan Excellent Teachers had an opportunity to present questions to Mr. Franz Ahrens and engage in lively discussion. The exchanges were constructive and extremely interesting, and these participating teachers from Taiwan have seen with their own eyes how active and free a German school can be. They may be able to incorporate some of the practical ideas being put into action in this country far away from Taipei into their own educational work.

Photo:Dr. Yang Yi-Chyang (front, 5th left), principal of Taipei Municipal Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry Mr. Frank Ahrens (front, 6th left), principal of Jenaplan-Schule in Jena in Germany, and the delegation of Taipei Excellent Teachers.