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The Delft Taiwanese Student Organization welcomes record number of new students

Date: 107-09-28


At the beginning of each academic year, the Delft Taiwanese Students Organisaton (DTSO) organizes a welcome party for the newly arrived Taiwanese students. This helps the new comers quickly get accustomed to their new environment and learn about the existing support system and resources for living and studying in the Netherlands.

On September 7, DTSO held its annual welcome event in the courtyard of the Michiel De Ruyterweg student dormitory. Over a casual meal of pizza and drinks, the students introduced themselves, shared advice, and elected the DTSO’s new head. Over 60 students were present, more than half of whom were new students. Chen Yu-wen, Director of the Education Division at the Taipei Representative Office in the EU & Belgium, and her colleague Kelly Van Depaer were also invited and addressed the students with some encouraging words.

In one year the DTSO has managed to more than double in size, going from about 20 students to 60. Growing from a small student organization to one of more substantial size will allow it to organize bigger events to promote Taiwan’s culture. DTSO’s goal is to reach the status of being the largest and most active Taiwanese student association in the Netherlands. The Technological University Delft enjoys international popularity because of its MIT benchmark, which has put the university at the front of innovative education, so it is expected that even more Taiwanese students will find their way to the university’s engineering and architecture departments in the coming years. 

Photo:The Delft Taiwanese Student Organization with Chen Yu-Wen, Director of the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium.