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2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition’s Theme Announced in Bangkok

Date: 108-01-28


The Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) is one of the biggest international design competitions in the world. Its aim is to encourage international creative design exchanges, develop students’ creative talents, enhance Taiwan’s international profile as a place that attaches great importance to creative design, and establish Taiwan’s status in international design circles. 
The theme of the 2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) was revealed at a presentation by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan held at the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) in Bangkok on January 28, 2019. The theme for this year’s TISDC is: “Empathy”, that is, seeing things through others’ eyes, by imaginatively “putting yourself in others’ shoes”. TCDC also hosted an exhibition of works that have won awards in this design competition during the past 11 years, from January 26 to February 3. 
The competition is divided into four categories: product design, visual design, and digital animation, and a fourth design category that is designated by that year’s co-sponsor and will differ from year to year. This year’s co-sponsor is the Industrial Technology Research Institute and details of the fourth design category will be available when registration for TISDC opens, in May. There is no fee to register, and students can register online. 
Mr. Apisit Laistrooglai, a TCDC advisor, told the audience that TISDC is a very respected, well-established competition which enjoys international attention and last year it attracted a total of 20,833 entries by competitors from 66 countries/regions around the world. He encouraged students in Thailand to take advantage of the “exchange platform” for designers that this international student design competition presents to them.
Apex Lin, principal investigator for the TISDC project, said that registration for TISDC will be open from May 1 to June 1 2019, and he would like more students to take this opportunity to let the world see the momentum of design in Thailand, by participating in the competition. Apex Lin also expressed his hope of seeing Thai students in the award ceremony in Taipei in December 2019.

Photo:The attendees at the announcement of the theme of the 2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, at the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) in Bangkok on January 28.