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TOCFL & CCCC Chinese Proficiency Tests will be held in Melbourne and Canberra

Date: 108-07-16


The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) and the Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC), developed by the Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency Taiwan (SCTOP), are two sets of standardized language proficiency tests developed for non-native speakers of Chinese. They have been used in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, and TOCFL has been offered to Mandarin learners in Australia for 12 consecutive years now.

This year the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia is holding TOCFL and CCCC at four venues in three different states. These include venues in Canberra and Melbourne will be holding the tests for the first time, on September 15 and November 3, respectively.

On May 18 and 19, Dr. Aaron Chen, Executive Director of the Education Division, took part in networking events hosted by the principals of Formosa Chinese School and Springvale Chinese Ethnic School in Melbourne, to encourage the participating principals and teachers from many Chinese schools in Melbourne to have their students take the tests.

Then on May 25, Dr. Aaron Chen met up with Mandarin teachers in Canberra and Goulburn to talk about the benefits of taking TOCFL and CCCC. He pointed out that both tests act as a learning tool, giving both the teachers and their students useful feedback about the students’ individual developing language proficiency. Students who pass TOCFL at Level 3 or a higher level will be in good standing if they apply for one of the Taiwan Scholarships that the Ministry of Education offers to international students to undertake a degree program at a university in Taiwan. And having Chinese language skills might prove a vital asset for securing employment and then working in Asia.

The registration details for the TOCFL test in Australia are available to download at https://www.roc-taiwan.org/au_en/cat/22.html

If you have any questions, please email the Education Division at Australia@mail.moe.gov.tw


PHOTO: Executive Director Dr. Aaron Chen encouraging principals and teachers from many Chinese schools in Melbourne and Canberra to have their students take the TOCFL & CCCC tests