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(U.S.A.) Dr. Eugene Muscat, University of San Francisco

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  • Date:2005-06-14

2005.06.14 Dr. Chin-sheng Chang received Dr. Eugene Muscat of the University of San Francisco

(U.S.A.) Dr. Eugene Muscat, University of San Francisco

Dr. Chin-sheng Chang, Director General of the Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations of the MOE, received Dr. Eugene Muscat, Senior Associate Dean of the University of San Francisco's School of Business and Management on June 14, 2005. The purpose of his visit was to gain a better understanding of the current levels of interest of Taiwanese students attending undergraduate and graduate Business Education programs, in the United States, especially in MBA programs. Also of concern were ways on how to help Taiwanese students to attend these programs. Dr. Muscat was keenly interested in those Taiwan colleges that teach courses on Family Business and current government programs supporting family-owned enterprises.