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Questions and Answers Regarding Education for Young Overseas Chinese s in Taiwan 2013

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  • Date:102-12-24

1.           What is the Policy of the ROC on education for overseas Chinese?


2.           What is the difference between overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong or Macao, and international students?


3.           How is the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students formed?


4.           Which schools offer cooperative education programs?


5.           What is the vocational training program for young overseas Chinese like?


6.           How do overseas Chinese students at different levels apply for schools admission?


7.           How do overseas Chinese students apply for admission to graduate programs in Taiwan after completing their undergraduate or graduate studies in or outside of Taiwan?


8.           How can Overseas Chinese students apply for school reassignment before arriving in Taiwan?


9.           What are the student status regulations for overseas Chinese students during their periods of study in Taiwan?


10.       What are the school transfer regulations for overseas Chinese students?


11.      What scholarships are available for overseas Chinese students?


12.       What measures are there for students’ cost of living requirements and financial aid for overseas Chinese students?


13.       What qualifications do overseas Chinese students require to apply for student loans?


14.       What are the remedial measures for overseas Chinese students with inferior academic performance?


15.       What activities does the ROC government conduct for overseas Chinese students?


16.       Can overseas Chinese students take an educational program (including full-time teaching training for six months)?


17.       What relevant procedures should overseas students follow during their residence in Taiwan?  How should they apply for an ARC extension?


18.       Is it possible to extend the period of stay or residency for new overseas Chinese students entering Taiwan before the enrollment time so that they can avoid getting fined for overstaying?


19.       How do overseas Chinese students holding ROC passports resume their household registration or apply for resident certificates?


20.       Can overseas Chinese students apply for extension of stay after they graduate, take leave of absence, or withdraw from school?


21.       Can overseas Chinese students apply for extension of stay to take examinations for admission to graduate programs after completing their undergraduate studies?


22.       Can overseas Chinese students apply for permanent residency after staying in Taiwan for seven years?


23.       What are the regulations on the mandatory military service for overseas Chinese students?


24.       Do students from Hong Kong and Macao have to do military service, if they stay in Taiwan for another year after graduation?


25.       What administrative procedures do students from Hong Kong and Macao need to go through to remain in Taiwan for work after graduation?


26.       Does the ROC government permit overseas Chinese students to work in hi-tech professions after they complete their undergraduate studies?


27.       What are the income tax rates for overseas Chinese students working part-time outside the school?


28.       Why has the ROC government stopped issuing national IDs for overseas Chinese students?


29.       How do foreign nationals or stateless people apply for naturalization to become ROC citizens?


30.       Are credentials from ROC universities recognized by other countries?


31.       Does the Hong Kong government recognize credentials from ROC universities?


32.       Does the ROC government provide verification for the academic credentials which overseas Chinese students have obtained from educational institutions in Taiwan?


33.       What are the situations in which overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan do not meet the requirements for draft deferral?