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MOE APEC Scholarships


MOE APEC Scholarships

The Ministry of Education Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Scholarships—MOE APEC Scholarships—are offered by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan to encourage young scholars from APEC member economies to undertake research in Taiwan and provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwan's culture and society, to promote mutual understanding and interaction between Taiwan and APEC member economies.

MOE APEC Scholarships are available for a period of 2 to 6 months.

Financial Assistance

Each scholarship provides:

  1. A round-trip, economy-class airfare to and from Taiwan by the most direct route (the maximum amount available is determined by the MOE
  2. Ph.D. candidates receive a monthly research allowance of NT$25,000
  3. Post-doctoral fellows receive a monthly research allowance of NT$40,000.


An international scholar who satisfies the following criteria is eligible to apply for an MOE APEC Scholarship. An applicant must:

  1. be a Ph.D. student or a postdoctoral research fellow at an overseas university, with an outstanding performance in their research field;
  2. not hold a Taiwanese passport;
  3. not be currently residing, studying, doing an internship, teaching, or doing research in Taiwan;
  4. not be an exchange student at the same time as receiving an MOE APEC Scholarship;
  5. have not been awarded an MOE APEC Scholarship within the last five years; and
  6. not be a recipient of any other scholarship or subsidy from a Taiwan government agency or a university or college in Taiwan.

Application Procedure

Applications to undertake a research project in Taiwan in the following year must be submitted to a university, tertiary college, or research organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education—such as the Center for Chinese Studies, or the National Academy for Educational Research—in Taiwan at which the applicant would like to undertake research.

Applications must arrive at the university, tertiary college, or research organization no later than September 30 that year.

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