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Bilingual 2030


Taiwan is a major trading nation and plays a key role in global supply chains. As more and more multinational corporations have invested in Taiwan in recent years, demand for local talent with bilingual proficiency has greatly increased. At the same time, to meet trends in global supply chain deployment, Taiwanese enterprises also require large numbers of professionals who possess a wide range of expertise and skills, including English proficiency and international mobility. To boost the competitiveness of Taiwan’s young people and enable them to gain better job opportunities and higher salaries, the government has launched the Bilingual 2030 policy.


In the education domain, the government will adopt a dual-track approach of focused cultivation and general improvement, i.e., nurturing an elite group of students in key professional fields while also comprehensively raising the English communication ability of all youth. Digital learning will be deployed to reduce resource gaps between regions.


The policy will enable Taiwanese professionals to enhance their bilingual skills and bolster their international competitiveness. Furthermore, it is expected to attract more multinational corporations to set up operations in Taiwan and encourage Taiwan’s industries to connect with the world, thereby creating a brighter and more prosperous future for coming generations.


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