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Program on Building Disaster Resilient Schools and Technology Application


  Due to fast changes in the natural environment, large-scale disasters have seen exponential growth. We will face more natural disasters than ever, among which one or two could be major catastrophes in the worst-case scenario. The general trend in the world is devoted to the promotion of DRR and the foundation of disaster resilience. The international mainstream emphasizes the promotion of disaster-resilience education in schools. Taiwan has promoted DRR education for decades. MOE has subsidized the establishment of 2,987 Disaster Resilient Schools, cultivated many excellent talents and developed lots of teaching materials since 2003. Following on the previous efforts, MOE implemented the Program on Building Disaster Resilient Schools and Technology Application (2019-2022) in 2019. With the aim of "building stronger disaster-resilient schools," MOE hopes to provide training on "more comprehension on judgment rules instead of rote learning" and “make Disaster Preparedness a part of our life.” By incorporating resources like disaster prevention technologies and innovative researches and developments, MOE hopes to achieve the goals of the DRRE policy to “construct safe learning facilities, implement disaster management at schools, reduce relevant risks, and promote disaster resilience education.” In order to enhance the overall effectiveness of the program, Disaster Resilient School operation indicators and mechanisms have been designed. Also, kindergartens' self-management in safety and disaster prevention mechanisms have been developed and tried out. For the purpose of knowing the implementation of DRRE, the project assessed the ability of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Education Counselling Group. During the year 2020, there are 628 schools participated in Disaster Resilient School Program, including 28 special education schools. Moreover, Schools disaster management plan and Emergency Contact Information Card template have been revised. As for training mechanism aspect, Disaster Management Capability Indicator of students, teachers, administrators, and principals, and mechanism for Selecting Rewarding and Commending Outstanding DRRE promotion personnel have been made; furthermore, there are more than 70 disaster preparedness workshops have been held in 2020. The approaches to optimize DRR teaching materials include holding DRR teaching materials competition, developing teaching material packages and releasing electronic publications. To expand the disaster resistant school network, overseas training programs and International Conferences on School’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Education in Practice were been held; also, a pattern for international cooperation and partnership have been established. Last, the mechanism of collaboration and operation among schools, industries, and governmental agencies have been developed to enhance establishment and implementation of disaster risk reduction among schools.