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The Second Phase of the Mid-Term Development Plan for Elderly Education (2021-2024)


As the first phase of the plan ended in 2020, the second phase between 2021-2024 is expected to integrate the inter-sectoral policy and resources and introduce the latest technology in learning to help the elders create new value in life.

  1. Expand learning opportunities: continue to develop lifelong learning institutes, increase elderly participation, and encourage male participation in learning.
  2. Improve quality of learning: aim to explore the learning needs of the elderly, strengthen the development of professional personnel, and establish learning evaluation indicators and set up withdrawal mechanisms.
  3. Innovate learning models: to establish a think tank for elderly education, combining modern technology and online media to provide diverse learning modes.
  4. Integrate inter-sectoral resources: to unify public and private educational resources, set up inter-sectoral policy cooperation, and promote multidisciplinary learning activities for senior citizens.
  5. Promote intergenerational learning: to strengthen the interactions between different generations and promote intergenerational learning.
  6. Contribute to society: to develop an older workforce and encourage them to contribute their experience back to society.