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Youth Good Governance Series—Let’s Talk


To promote youth public participation, the Let’s Talk project trains youth in deliberation, turns deliberative thinking into motivation to participate in policy making, and incorporates the spirit of open government to bring young people’s ideas and creativity into government administration. This enables youth to play an active role in future civil society. The main project activities are as follows:

  1. Call for proposals: Encourage youth aged 18 to 35 years old to form teams and submit proposals. They may hold their own Talk events within the project timeframe.
  2. Topic exchange meetings: Collect consensus views reached by organizers and facilitators at Talk events, invite government ministries to give briefings on current policies or plans and exchange ideas with Talk organizers, and draw up an annual policy issue map to guide follow-up discussions.
  3. Enhancing meeting conclusions: Use digital tools to summarize phase-one conclusions and issues of common concern, then reopen in-depth discussions.
  4. Results sharing and networking event: Carry out an in-depth dialogue with government agencies on the suggestions proposed by young people to give the government broader perspectives when formulating future policies.