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Project for the Establishment of Regional Training Bases for Industrial Talents and Technology




  To be in line with the government's youth employment investment program, the Ministry of Education plans to establish twenty "Regional Training Bases for Industrial Talents and Technology" in accordance with the needs of local industry. Through regional training and teaching capabilities, the linkage between higher education institutions and industry clusters will be strengthened.

Focal Points

  This project focuses on the talents from the six core strategic industries, improving the practical fields of colleges and universities. Planning the training direction for the manpower required by industries at all levels, encouraging higher education institutions(HEIs), corporations and industrial enterprises to jointly build the bases.

  The project covers six core strategic industries, which are information and digital industries, cybersecurity industry, Taiwan precision health industry, green and renewable energy industry, national defense and strategic industries, and strategic stockpile industries. The Ministry of Education also plans the direction for talent training in colleges and universities, including emerging fields, such as smart machinery, railway tracks, and electric vehicles.

  The training targets are not limited to students, hence the bases are set up adjacent to industry clusters. Higher education institutions(HEIs) are assisted to create learning environments based on the actual working environments, and the equipment used for training is also synchronized with the industry, helping those with technical needs to quickly integrate with the industries.