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Youth Overseas Peace Corps



Following the annual policy goals of President Tsai’s “12-year national basic schooling education policy” in 2016, the Youth Overseas Peace Corps was established, along with the Youth Overseas Peace Corps Promotion Committee, which is made up of relevant government ministries, civil society organizations, and youth representatives. These offer young people overseas voluntary service opportunities, broaden their international outlook, and give young people opportunities to explore and discover the customs and cultures of different countries.

Program content

  • Target participants: Young Taiwanese nationals aged 18-35 years old.
  • Strategic execution:

      1. Promoting youth overseas voluntary service through public-private partnerships:

To encourage youths to participate in overseas voluntary service and apply their skills and knowledge to offer other countries or regions valuable services, we fund colleges, universities and NGOs on a one-off (or continuing) basis to go to service locations to carry out planned service projects. In addition, youths who are invited by international organizations or overseas branches to work on in-depth overseas service projects (for at least 3 months or more), may go through colleges, universities or NGOs to apply for long-term volunteering support.

      2. Pooling relevant resources to support youth sustainable development services:

We have launched a Youth Overseas Peace Corps website to offer young overseas volunteers pre-trip training courses to build their capacity in planning, project execution and risk management, and satisfy their need for relevant knowledge about overseas service. In addition, we pull together statistical data from different government ministries, colleges and universities, high schools and CSOs, to get a grasp of the current situation of Taiwanese youth taking part in overseas volunteering service.

      3. Team contest judging to establish youth standard models to inspire others:

Through the Youth Peace Corps Contest selection process, outstanding youth overseas volunteer teams are chosen, and at the award and sharing ceremony, winning teams are honored and invited to share their overseas volunteering experience, to inspire other youth to take part.