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Campus tree education plan


On July 2020 the council of agriculture and Education Bureau enacted the “Campus tree planting plan” and the following “Campus tree education plan”. The plan was divided into four parts:


From August 2020 to October, experts went to every school and assessed their environment. According to each situation, they suggested tree species and position where they can be planted.


After deciding on the species and the amount of trees to be planted with the schools, the council of agriculture offered the seedlings and saplings and sent them to each school.


After getting the seedlings and saplings, the schools planted the trees in the campus.

This was done from March 2021 to May 2021, and 130,000 trees were planted.


The forestry departments of several universities each formed a consulting group for the schools, offering them knowledge and advices about of trees. After surveying the existing trees in the schools and forming tree maps by the consulting groups, Education bureau set up the tree introduction plates. Education bureau and consulting groups also developed a tree planting computer game and gave courses about tree caring, so that teachers and students can know their trees.