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Lifelong Learning Medium Term Development Project


The "Lifelong Learning Medium Term Development Project" is based on the "White Paper on a Society of Learning" published by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in March 2021. It is an integrated mid-to-long-term Development Project with the implementation period of four years, starting from January 2021 until December 2024.

The MOE, relevant ministries, and local governments will jointly promote the goals of "Protecting the Learning Rights of All People, Expanding Lifelong Learning Opportunities, Developing Diverse Learning Channels, Integrating Lifelong Education Resources, and Connecting with International Sustainable Development”. The goals include 6 major implementation approaches of "Improving Legal Foundation, Cultivating Professional Talents, Expanding Learning Resources, Providing Diverse Channels, Promoting Cross-region Cooperation, and Strengthening International Exchanges", as well as 56 implementation strategies and methods. The strategic focus of the Project is as follows:

  1. Strengthen Lifelong Learning Regulations
  2. Establish an Integrated Lifelong Learning System
  3. Establish a Lifelong Learning Effectiveness Evaluation System
  4. Cultivate Various Lifelong Learning Professionals
  5. Improve the Lifelong Learning Literacy of Various Professionals
  6. Strengthen the Lifelong Learning Subsidy System for Specific Ethnic Groups
  7. Encourage Private Organizations to Promote Lifelong Learning Activities
  8. Promote Various Learning Organizations
  9. Strengthen the Environment and Systems to Support Individual Learning
  10. Strengthen Intergenerational Learning in Families and in Various Fields
  11. Strengthen the Curriculum Framework, Teachers and Teaching Materials of Supplementary Schools
  12. Promote Sustainable Development Learning and Cultivate Environmental Citizens
  13. Integrate Senior Citizen Friendly Learning Environments and Resources
  14. Strengthen Cross-ethnic and Cross-cultural Learning
  15. Promote Adult Core Competences for Lifelong Learning
  16. Continue to Promote Learning Cities and Their International Exchanges
  17. Cultivate a Lifelong Learning System of English Talents to Promote Internationalization