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Overseas Joint Recruitment Website

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  • Date:95-06-12

Chinese website:http://www.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/

In the 1995 school year, the Overseas Joint Recruitment Committee began centralizing the enrollment of overseas Chinese students in various colleges and universities. Currently, National Chi Nan University is in charge of the committee affairs, while National Taiwan University, National Chi Nan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Cheng Kung University, Tamkang University, and Soochow University are in charge of secretarial affairs, testing affairs, preparing questions, grading papers, and assigning students to schools, respectively. Since the 2006 school year, vocational senior high schools and colleges are included in the joint recruitment system, which significantly increases the number of members of the organization, giving overseas Chinese students intending to study in Taiwan more choices.

The committee’s website contains related regulations, application forms, number of students being recruited, dates test results are posted, and list of names of the tested that pass the test.


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