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Statistical Indicators


I. Educational Situation

  1. Brief Introduction to School Education
  2. Net Percentage of Graduates Advancing to Next Higher Level of Education
  3. Enrollment Rates of School - Net Enrollment Rates
  4. Enrollment Rates of School - Gross Enrollment Rates
  5. Number of Schools by Location in School Year 2018
  6. Distribution of Schools at Each Level Among Districts in School Year 2018
  7. Number of Students at Each Level Per Hundred Households
  8. Number of School at Each Level Per 1000 Square Kilometers in School Year 2018

II. Educational Development

  1. Preschool Education
  2. Primary Schools and Junior High School
  3. Senior Secondary Schools
  4. Universities, Colleges & Junior Colleges
  5. Religious Colleges
  6. Supplementary and Continuing Schools
  7. Special Classes Attached to Regular Schools
  8. Special Education Schools

III. Structure of Education

  1. Composition of Students by Students at All Levels
  2. Educational Attainment of Population - Aged 15 and Above
  3. Percentage of Female Students at All Levels
  4. Percentage of  Female Teachers at All Levels
  5. Average Number of Students Per Class in Elementary and Secondary Schools

IV. Quality of  Education

  1. Quality of Teachers at All Levels
  2. Number of Students Per Teacher at All Levels - (1) Total
  3. Number of Students Per Teacher at All Levels - (2) Public
  4. Number of Students Per Teacher at All Levels - (3) Private

 Ⅴ.Skilled  Manpower  Cultivation

  1. Higher Education Students and Graduates
  2. Number of  Graduates School Students
  3. Industrial Technology Manpower Cultivation
  4. Medical Diagnostic Treatment Manpower Cultivation
  5. Law Manpower Cultivation
  6. Artistic Manpower Cultivation
  7. Agricultural Manpower Cultivation
  8. Computer Manpower Cultivation

VI. Educational Expenditure

  1. Brief Introduction to Educational Expenditure
  2. Composition of Educationl Expenditure by Level of Education
  3. Composition of Educational Expenditure by Level of Government
  4. Educational Expenditure as % of Total Government Expenditure by Level of Government
  5. Educational Expenditure Per Student at All Levels