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Statistical Indicators


●  Main Education Statistical Indicators    (ODF) (PDF)

●  2021 Education Statistical Indicators

I. Educational Situation  


II. Educational Development  

1 Brief Introduction to School Education (ODF) (PDF)   1 Preschool Education (ODF) (PDF)
2 Net Percentage of Graduates Advancing to Next Higher Level of Education (ODF) (PDF)   2 Primary Schools and Junior High School (ODF) (PDF)
3 Enrollment Rates of School - Total Net Enrollment Rates (ODF) (PDF)   3 Senior Secondary Schools (ODF) (PDF)
4 Enrollment Rates of School - Gross Enrollment Rates (ODF) (PDF)   4 Universities, Colleges & Junior Colleges (ODF) (PDF)
5 Number of Schools by Location in School Year 2021 (ODF) (PDF)   5 Religious Colleges (ODF) (PDF)
6 Distribution of Schools at Each Level Among Districts in School Year 2021 (ODF) (PDF)   6 Supplementary and Continuing Schools (ODF) (PDF)
7 Number of School at Each Level Per 100 Square Kilometers in School Year 2021 (ODF) (PDF)   7 Special Classes Attached to Regular Schools (ODF) (PDF)
          8 Special Education Schools (ODF) (PDF)

III. Structure of Education  


IV. Quality of  Education  

1 Composition of Students by Students at All Levels (ODF) (PDF)   1 Quality of Teachers at All Levels (ODF) (PDF)
2 Educational Attainment of Population - Aged 15 and Above (ODF) (PDF)   2 Number of Students Per Teacher at All Levels - (1) Total (ODF) (PDF)
3 Percentage of Female Students at All Levels (ODF) (PDF)     Number of Students Per Teacher at All Levels - (2) Public (ODF) (PDF)
4 Percentage of Female Teachers at All Levels (ODF) (PDF)     Number of Students Per Teacher at All Levels - (3) Private (ODF) (PDF)
5 Average Number of Students Per Class in Elementary and Secondary Schools (ODF) (PDF)          

Ⅴ. Skilled Manpower Cultivation


VI. Educational Expenditure

1 Higher Education Students and Graduates (ODF) (PDF)   1 Brief Introduction to Educational Expenditure (ODF) (PDF)
2 Number of Graduates School Students (ODF) (PDF)   2 Composition of Educationl Expenditure by Level of Education (ODF) (PDF)
3 Industrial Technology Manpower Cultivation (ODF) (PDF)   3 Composition of Educational Expenditure by Level of Government (ODF) (PDF)
4 Medical Diagnostic Treatment Manpower Cultivation (ODF) (PDF)   4 Educational Expenditure as % of Total Government Expenditure by Level of Government (ODF) (PDF)
5 Law Manpower Cultivation (ODF) (PDF)   5 Educational Expenditure Per Student at All Levels (ODF) (PDF)
6 Artistic Manpower Cultivation (ODF) (PDF)          
7 Agricultural Manpower Cultivation (ODF) (PDF)          
8 Computer Manpower Cultivation (ODF) (PDF)