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Ministry of Education Objectives for 2018 (January-December)

1.Create excellent preschool, elementary, and secondary school environments, and gradually expand public education and care services for young children; allocate educational resources to ensure the right to an education of students in rural areas, of students with disabilities, and of socio-economically disadvantaged, and other vulnerable students, thereby addressing social justice concerns.
2.Promote the provision of a high-quality education by senior secondary schools in Taiwan's different regions; encourage students to attend a school close to their home; and progressively implement the 12-Year Basic Education program, incorporating development of adaptive learning and completely non-exam-based secondary school admission.
3.Promote links between industry, academia, and research in our higher education sector; recruit scholars locally and internationally; encourage universities to develop distinguishing features, and enhance learning effectiveness and the quality of the teaching and education provided; maintain a balance in regional development; assist universities and colleges to transform, merge, or close; and vigorously implement technological and vocational education policies and programs.
4.Respect ethnic diversity and encourage the maintenance of the languages and cultures of different ethnic groups; strengthen the provision of education for indigenous peoples and the children of new immigrants; support alternative education, promote more experimental education, and create opportunities for diverse ways of learning; and safeguard citizens’ right to be educated.
5.Help young people to find employment and ensure the dignity of young workers is respected; provide support for young people to establish themselves; empower young people to blaze innovative trails, and boost their participation in public affairs; encourage young people to take part in international affairs and events, to travel abroad and expand their international experience, and to be concerned about global issues.
6.Promote public participation in sports, the development of sports-related industries, and participation in international sports events; increase the accessibility of sports facilities and sport environment safety; increase our national physical fitness level, and the amount of regular exercise citizens are getting; help sports-related organizations to operate soundly, and help the private sector to develop the sport and leisure industry; focus on the training of top athletes, and provide impetus to raise the level of Taiwan’s international competitiveness in sports.