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Department of International and Cross-strait Education


  Riding the waves of globalization, the primary aim of our international education effort is to cross boundaries between countries for the promotion and mobility of human resources which are a goal for many countries also interested in international education. In order to promote our international education exchange programs and to integrate the cross-strait educational affairs, the Ministry of Education has re-constructed its former Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations, along with the Mainland Affairs Division and the Commission of Overseas Chinese Education Affair to become the new Department of International and Cross-strait Education.

  The Department of International and Cross-strait Education has six sections with following duties and functions:

  • International Cooperation Section:
  1. To monitor and assess the performance of overseas mission offices,
  2. To participate in international organizations (such as APEC, UMAP, and the Annual Meeting of Educators),
  3. To subsidize international academic and educational exchange,
  4. To establish bilateral MOUs with members of international community,
  5. To promote the Taiwan Study Project with overseas universities,
  6. To hold bilateral higher education forum.
  • Cross-strait Affairs Section:
  1. Students from Mainland China wishing to study in Taiwan,
  2. Taiwanese students wishing to study in Mainland China,
  3. Educational exchange with Hong Kong and Macao,
  4. Cross-strait dual degree programs,
  5. Related issues with students from Mainland China.
  • Studying Abroad Section:
  1. Government scholarships for studying abroad,
  2. Emergency assistance for overseas students
  3. “To Study Overseas on Government Scholarships” & “Studying Abroad Scholarship”,
  4. Update universities and colleges offering courses leading to recognized degrees,
  5. Regulation amendment and counseling service for the project of encouraging students study abroad.
  • Protocol Affairs Section:
  1. Reception of visiting international university, government, and other VIPs and high-ranking dignitaries,
  2. MOE contact window to foreign embassies and missions,
  3. Provide support for educational MOU signing ceremonial events,
  4. Provide support for education fairs held by international institutions,
  5. Work permit application information for overseas teachers and professionals at language centers affiliated with a university or college,
  6. Faculty research grants for the Taiwan studies application.
  • Overseas Chinese Students and international students service section:
  1. Ministry of Education Short Term Research Award,
  2. Taiwan Scholarship Program and its quota management,
  3. Regulations regarding international students undertaking studies in Taiwan,
  4. Processing applications from overseas Chinese students applying to Taiwan undergraduate and graduate programs,
  5. Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan.
  • Overseas Taiwanese School and Mandarin Chinese Education Section:
  1. Applications for the establishment of overseas Taiwanese schools and their administrative affairs,
  2. Awards to individuals or groups for donations to overseas Taiwanese schools,
  3. Send and manage substitute educational services in overseas Taiwanese schools,
  4. Promotion regarding the study of Mandarin Chinese education,
  5. Select and sponsor teachers of the Mandarin Chinese to teach overseas,
  6. Subsidies for overseas Mandarin education promotion activities.

  The Department of International and Cross-strait Education officially commenced on January 1, 2012. All employees and resources working within former organizations, as well as related efforts, are joining this newly restructured organization. In addition to continuing the existing projects of cooperation, the Department of International and Cross-strait Education signals an entirely new level of academic community cooperation in order to maximize the reach, visibility and impact that international education can have for Taiwan’s international partners and for forward-reaching professional pathway. The Department’s current and future vision of continued growth internationally includes cross-strait cooperation and exchange, recruitment of outstanding overseas Chinese students, including students from overseas and Mainland, cultivating and sharing talents with the international community, including the promotion of Taiwan’s export Mandarin Chinese education industry.

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