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No. Title Date
Orientation for Spring Semester Students 2020-03-25
Promoting Mandarin Learning & TOCFL in Malaysia 2020-03-25
15th Taiwan Japan Student Conference Held in Tokyo 2020-03-25
Three Key Russian Universities Participate in National Taichung University of Education’s Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp, 2020 2020-03-25
Sedimentary Geology Research Group from the University of Innsbruck Makes a Research Trip to Taiwan 2020-03-25
The Foundation La main à la pâte & Taiwan’s K-12 Education Administration look forward to further cooperation 2020-03-25
New Language Assistant Exchange Project between the French-speaking Community of Belgium and Taiwan 2020-03-25
Education Division of TECO in Los Angeles Promotes Chinese Language Learning at a Travel Show 2020-03-25
TECO New York Hosts Panel Discussion on Taiwan’s 2020 Elections with Foreign Policy Research Institute 2020-03-25
Multiple Pathways Series – Taiwan Higher Education 2020-03-04
Japanese Primary & Secondary School Teachers Visit Taiwan 2020-03-04
Russian Students & Researchers Share Details of Studying and Living in Taiwan at an Informative Event at Moscow State University 2020-03-04
Pupils Interview the Representative for Taiwan in the United Kingdom 2020-03-04
Taiwan Hockey Team wins Gold in the U18 World Cup 2020-03-04
Pakeriran Screens at San Francisco Main Library to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2020-03-04