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No. Title Date
Converging Youth Energies, Being Courageous to Challenge the Future— The Ministry of Education and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Cooperated to Jointly Cultivate International Youth Leadership of Environmental Education 2019-12-16
Interdisciplinary Learning for All x Talent Cultivation in Climate Change x Action-taking for Climate The MOE Outcome Presentation of Talent Cultivation in Climate Change and Reward Activity 2019-12-16
School Environmental Education in a Link with the South-bound Countries to Establish a New Partnership 2019-12-13
2019 Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program Orientation and Welcome Party for Newly Arrived International Scholarship Recipients 2019-12-04
Youth Volunteer Get-together ! The "Youth Volunteer, Youth Pumping" Activity Series Start-up Enthusiastically! 2019-12-04
"MONKEY CUP" New Southbound International University Futsal Invitational Tournament National Campaign of Football - 4 Countries with 8 Universities 2019-11-27
Taiwanese–German Higher Education Policy Forum to Facilitate Scientific and Research Dialogue and Cooperation 2019-11-27
2019 Teachers in Aesthetic Education Go to the Netherlands to Visit Aesthetic and Art Education, Gaining Fruitful Experiences 2019-11-26
Teachers in Aesthetic Education go to Bangkok, Thailand to Explore the Beauty of Art Integrated into Life 2019-11-19
2019 "Youth Volunteer, Youth Pumping" Let the Youth Volunteer become the whirlwind of changing the world 2019-11-18
Taiwan-Japan Disaster Prevention Experience Interchange - Sharing Together Resilience Disaster Risk Reduction Education 20th Anniversary of the 921 Earthquake - Retrospection and Prospection of Taiwan-Japan Recovery Status of Disaster 2019-11-18
International Forum on K-12 Digital Learning – Advancing Digital Learning & International Exchanges Hand in Hand 2019-11-18
The Ministry of Education Holds the 2019 Convention of Supervisors in Teacher Education Universities and Education Practicum Best Performance Awards Ceremony 2019-11-15
2019 Global Youth Trends Forum — Action Plans from 26 Countries Create an ideal new world 2019-11-12
Youth POP! Grand Open of 2019 Global Youth Trends Forum - Youths from 26 Countries Talks about the Future 2019-11-12